Weeds (IDW) and Turf.  Some of my strengths are listening, problem solving and researching.  I also enjoy continuing education, traveling, photography and learning hands-on.

I have run a Consulting, Fine Gardening and Design company since 2006.  I have a good foundation of knowledge, being a Santa Clara Valley local my whole life.  This gives me the advantage of intimately knowing the weather, climate and soil challenges. I have a wide variety of skills and knowledge and enjoy the combination of intellectual, artistic and hands-on aspects of my work.  I am most comfortable with smaller areas in order to create very personal gardens for my clients, so they can connect and enjoy them in all seasons.  This enhances their enjoyment of life, providing restful relaxation and recharge - an antidote to stress, adding beauty to their life.  ​

My strength is plants - who grow well and look good together - incorporating texture, color, form and bloom progression.  Interests include California, Australian and Mediterranean natives – all low water users and easy-maintenance.  Also shade gardens and theme-style gardens (for example zen-serenity gardens).


Hi, my name is Susan Hayden.

I became passionate about plants at an early age and have been curious about them ever since. Through science and vocational classes, an Associate Science (AS) degree in Ornamental Horticulture/Landscape Design, and retail nursery experience over 35 years I have built up my knowledge base.  In addition, I am a California Certified Nursery Professional holding double-advanced certifications in Insects, Diseases and