Fine Gardening

What is it and who is it for?

Fine Gardening includes all gardening that “mow-and-blow”
businesses don’t have the skills to do or don’t do.  Clients can
​supplement their basic “lawn service” with Fine Gardening for
​high quality care.

In addition, Fine Gardening can include:

  • Year round care of roses, perennial and annual gardens
  • Seasonal care and color changes
  • Creating and maintaining beautiful container gardens for townhouses, condos, decks, patios or entryways
  • Creating and ongoing care of small business plantings
  • Planning and planting edible herb and vegetable gardens
  • Cymbidium orchid division and repotting
  • House plant or office plant repotting
  • Pruning, training and care of smaller fruit trees and citrus
  • Small ornamental tree pruning of Japanese maples, bonsai style etc
  • Artful enhancement of the plants natural form

I am known for my attention to detail, always keeping my client’s desires and their garden’s beauty and health in mind.  They value my artistic eye and gentle hand.

Conventional care or organic methods are available.  I always strive to use the lowest environmental impact methods to achieve the best results. 

Services are available on bi-weekly, monthly, or seasonally (2-4 times per year) as required, by garden’s complexity or needs.