Landscaping Consulting

  • To freshen up an existing garden for a new look
  • Redesign small areas within a larger garden
  • Fill spaces or gaps
  • Always recommending the right plants for the right place
  • Create a small-space, jewel-box oasis to relax, dine, revive and
  • Curb appeal consultations
  • Selling a house and want the garden to look its best

Plant Doctor

  • Sick trees or plants? Find out what the problem is and how it can be treated
  • Insect, Disease or cultural problem?  I am here to help!

Plant ID and Care

  • Garden care and walk -through for new homeowners
  • What’s that plant? And how do I care for it?
  • Prune, fertilize, water it?
  • Is it a poisonous plant, weeds etc